A List of Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

The nine month journey of pregnancy can be a wild ride of emotions. In terms of nutrition, maintaining a healthy diet goes a long way towards securing the overall health of both the carrying mother and the baby.

Women that are pregnant have suppressed immune systems. As such, it leaves them more susceptible to getting sick via food. Duly, some foods carry elements that aren’t healthy for the baby.

There are a list of foods which should be avoided when going through a pregnancy. One of which is deli meats. Listeria is a potentially serious infection which comes from contaminated food. If the deli meat isn’t cooked to a specific temperature (165 degrees Fahrenheit), the prospective mother will be in danger of listeriosis. The compromised immune system makes mothers more likely to contract this infection when eating deli meat.

The same can be said for both raw oysters and unpasteurized food. Unpasteurized food (such as cheese, juice, milk) could carry bacteria which may lead into listeriosis. Should this occur, the baby could be in danger of bacterial infections, meningitis, low birth weight, and a premature birth.

Raw oysters aren’t necessarily something one would want to consume when pregnant. These delicacies can have the Vibrio vulnificus bacteria (which could cause severe health issues). Duly, undercooked/raw meat is a dangerous proposition — especially when it comes to chicken, fish, or beef. One wants to be sure that the meat is fully cooked all the way through before consuming it.

Speaking of fish, pregnant women likely want to avoid the consumption of fish. Fish contains high levels of mercury. This metal can enter the placenta and severely hurt the baby’s brain growth. Negative impact on the baby’s nervous system may also occur.

Lastly, one must be cognizant of thoroughly washing produce. Unwashed produce can — in theory — be equipped with e coli or something more serious (like Toxoplasmosis). Fruits and vegetables need to be completely cleaned before consumption. For an item such as Brussels sprouts, they must be fully cooked (and not eaten raw).

One can enjoy a safe, happy, and healthy pregnancy by avoiding these foods. By doing so, it’ll likely help in ensuring the health of both the mother and the child.

Image Source: My Pregnant Health