Reviewing The Online Watch Wave

In recent years, watches have become serious must-haves for many people across the world. For some, they exist as major fashion accessories. Possessing the right amount of wrist ‘bling’ could allow you to stand out among the crowd. Others have taken to collecting watches from different time periods. Sentimental value could exist if these items were passed down thoughtfully from prior generations.

With time in today’s climate being incredibly precious, there simply isn’t much opportunity to peruse through available watches in person. The act of driving to-and-from the venue can be time consuming — particularly for those with other responsibilities. Fortunately, a number of online platforms enable prospective customers to wade through the waters of watch hunting without having to leave your home.


Jomashop has a large variety of watches to choose from. Many name brands are featured on the site — including Cartier, Seiko, Fossil, Michael Kors, Rolex, and Tissot (among others). Multiple sales are offered in correspondence with sales and seasons. Duly, Jomashop offers authenticity, free shipping on all domestic orders, and a 1-to-5 year warranty on all watches. These perks can be found on Jomashop’s official website.

World of Watches

World of Watches is known for possessing a vast collection of watches at discounted prices. Both men’s and women’s watches are made available here within its online platform. Right away, new customers can garner $10 off their first order by subscribing to World of Watches’ mailing list. Prospective customers will also gain access to upcoming sales and all sorts of updates. As one scrolls down on the site, World of Watches offers daily deals on all sorts of watches. A sale price will be paired directly adjacent to the list price.


Based in London, CHRONEXT is rooted in luxury watches of all kinds. One will have a field day simply perusing through the available options on the company’s website — as virtually every brand name is accounted for. As easy as it is to purchase a name brand watch on CHRONEXT, there’s also the capability to sell an older watch. Customers can receive a free watch appraisal with a promise of getting the item reviewed within 24 hours by a professional in the business. When wanting to purchase a watch, one can filter down the search by brand name, price, size, and condition (new or used).


Overstock has a stable of watches at discounted prices. The website offers four categorical breakdowns: Men’s Watches, Women’s Watches, Kids’ Watches, and Watch Accessories. Every watch on clearance has its own page from which to garner more information. It even offers star reviews by customers who’ve previously purchased the same watch. As is the case with the others mentioned above, Overstock has a filter tool organizing inventory by type, color, size, and price.

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